Friday, February 19, 2010

another week already?

well, this week has been nothing short of exhausting... but more on that in a minute**...

baby is doing great! getting stronger every week... i can tell because she's quite the kicker. nursery is ready, we've had some gifts surprising us on the front porch, and we're doing things now like meeting the pediatrician and planning to go tour the hospital. all things that make eden's arrival more and more real every day!!

no real food cravings this week... and lemme tell you why... haha

**and THIS is your fair warning--if you're not into "potty talk" you may want to stop reading here... however, i will NOT share with you the very extreme graphic details of my week... but it was my week nonetheless and this blog is for my own personal memory (even though i'm quite sure i'll never forget this)... and now that i'm "in the clear" it IS pretty funny to look back. and although i was extremely embarrased--i'm over it now and just thankful that I SURVIVED!! haha

so, about a week or so ago (maybe 2 weeks?), i picked up a jug of "simply apple"...its like apple juice but WAY better. its pressed apples... 100% juice... the sort of thing you can't see through, but it tastes like you're biting into an apple! yum!
now if you'll remember here and here... apples have been a bit of a constant on my "preggo favorites"

i enjoyed a small glass when i got home from the grocery store and thought it was so delicious... i had another glass... then some with dinner... then some for "dessert"... then a glass with my prenatals... annnnnd i finished up the whole jug juuuust before bed.

BIG mistake. you get the idea. words come to mind like "uncontrollable" and "liquid exodus" and "shock to your system" (that last one is from the doctor.)

turns out, apples are a natural diuretic... and were used for that purpose in the 1800s or something...

well, sorta skipping around... it got better... then CAME BACK! unexpectedly... oh. dear. heavens.

except this time... i got very dehydrated (remember... liquid exodus)... the dehydration caused braxton hicks contractions (which totally made me reconsider pregnancy all together! haha)...

as i slowly put all the pieces together, it made more and more sense that all of my symptoms were connected... i thought i had FOREVER ruined my GI tract... honestly. there was little hope of gettin' that thing back in gear.

the silver lining in this VERY dark cloud? swelling was getting to be problematic... my voice changed (weird, i know), joints were getting stiff, my eyes/face/hands/feet/ankles/calves/etc.. got VERY puffy... i was essentially feeling a living version of rigor-mortis. well, wouldn't you know, it ALLL disappeared!! i felt SUPER! jewelry fit, my eye sockets looked empty, i dropped down to only TWO chins (ha), i regained my boney feet/hands, and i even managed to find my ankle bone...

but the stomach issues were still SEVERE. i really didn't want to call the doctor.... but after getting several "suggestive emails"...i figured out that i really DID need to call the doctor.
they put me on a liquid diet, some immodium and STRICT instructions that if i didn't see IMMEDIATE improvement in 24 hrs to come in RIGHT THEN. she mentioned the risk of some sort of bacteria (even though the juice was pasteurized), going into pre-term labor, getting a virus, and also the fact that the dehydration wasn't an ideal situation for the baby.

well, i felt really good after the first 24 hrs... then the 2nd 24hrs i felt like i had a hangover or something...or like i was recovering from a virus/bug--just the general "DRAINED" feeling...

and today?! i feel like my good old self again!!! i even overcame my fear of "regular food" and had a normal lunch today--and heck, i've even seen a glimmer of my appetite return.

...and in case you were wondering, i'll be refraining from apples, apple-flavored things, apple byproducts, and anything made from apples until further notice. even though that juice is FANTASTIC! haha

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The Crocker's said...

poor thing! glad you are feeling better. Wonder if that apple craving goes away ;)