Friday, January 15, 2010

growing like a...

VEGETABLE...most of you new mommies know you get plastered with loads of pregnancy emails when you're expecting a little one... and i'll admit, they get a little redundant, all while being helpful and informative at the same time... (like the one that said "signs of premature labor" when i was TWELVE weeks! ha!)

my favorite emails are the ones where they talk about how big the baby is this week... and usually i think "oh, that seems about right" and make sure i remember it when i go to the grocery store just to check it out... but for SOME REASON, this week when i got the email that says "your baby is as big as a head of cauliflower" i thought NO WAY!!

i shouldn't be surprised... because she's definitely making her presence known... kicking, jumping, hiccuping, wiggling... all. the. time.... and she's surely growing because so am i... uuugh, and my appetite! :)

my favorite foods these past few weeks have been apples, waffles, frosted flakes, and egg & cheese biscuits... and soup and grilled cheese have been one of my favorite meals lately... and, um... did i mention waffles?? :) i've eated about 3 boxes (10 in a box) of eggo's in about a week or so... (lee's helped me only with 1 or 2 of them)

...its still funny to me--and only time will tell, but i think its NO coincidence that the foods that i've craved the most are some of LEE'S favorites... i'm convinced that eden is JUST. LIKE. her daddy... scary to think that ALREADY! ;)

we'll have to get a peek at those loooong legs again when i go for my 3d/4d ultrasound... while mommy still likes to eat waffles and frosted flakes... syrup-y breakfast foods are definitely a pregnancy thing... they're not normally at the top of my favorites... but for now, i can't seem to get enough!! (pancakes would work... but the eggo's are just to darn easy to fix!)

i'm beginning to find it a little more difficult to sleep... and i'm getting up at least twice a night... (yeah, i'm SURE that's a sign of things to come! i'm just "in training" right now!)... and after a long day at work, i'm finding myself more tired... but get another burst of energy after taking a few minutes to relax.

and that's about all i can remember right now for the non-doctor baby update... since i divulged you on my 10lb weight gain yesterday... uck. even though my blood pressure, iron, & measurements were spot on :-D

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Nancy Bair said...

just wait until you get up like 5-7 times in the middle of the night to pee...and then wait until you pee a little on yourself every time you sneeze or laugh lol! the pains of pregnancy are soooooooooooo worth the rewards of motherhood <3