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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

eden & mama swinging!

i could listen to these giggles all. day. long. and never get tired of it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i must take a lot of pictures...

eden has been very interested lately in my cameras (eh, so have i!)... she sees ME use them and wants to emulate me... and i've gotta admit--she's gotten the hang of it!!

we're learning about videography:

how to turn the camera on:

learning to look through the viewfinder (so funny, because you don't have to do that on this camera--but she sees me use "the big camera")

take a few pics while mama changes your diaper...

and lastly... and most importantly: review your images

Monday, March 28, 2011

top rated toys

attention new parents...
you're not gonna want to miss this!

seasoned parents have known this for years...
eden has hundreds of dollars worth of the top rated toys for early development

and THIS one is her favorite one of all!!


an old puffs container with 5 pennies in it and the lid has been taped shut.
HOURS of entertainment and musical development.

this along with the box of wipes, the trash can lid, a cardboard paper towel tube and the toilet.

if you're interested here's the more official list...

Friday, March 25, 2011


"eden in action!"

y'all have been so patient with the lack of updates--then i bombard you with doctors visits and nebulizer bits...
so, i thought i'd post more fun stuff about eden!
these are a few pictures of eden over the last couple of days

climbing on the sofa (one of her favorite things to do!)

sitting on daddy's head... another favorite pastime.

reading her poke-a-dot monkey book
 i love her face in this next one... she was "reading" it to me :)

here's a little video of her reading her favorite book to mama

and these next few pictures... 
eden and i were just being silly in the floor--giggling, tickling, climbing, laughing, rolling around
and i stuck my socks on her hand (which she thought was hilarious)

and this is where i can find her should i forget to close the bathroom door completely:
(notice the WET tp stuck to her hand--well, at least she's figured out that tp goes IN the toilet!!)

and these last two are from lee's cell phone
(he kept her two days this week while i worked extra long work days!!)
this one, she's headed to the doctor for our follow up visit
 and this one, she was listening to music with lee while sporting her grateful dead shirt

well... that's about it!
and in case you're wondering, yes, she was sick when i took ALL of these photos...
now you guys can understand why i have a hard time discerning when she's ACTUALLY sick!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bath buddy

eden had a friend tonite in the tub...



she looked a lot like eden.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

kiwi queen


happy wednesday

Saturday, February 12, 2011

the reason why you REALLY check the blog

since i haven't posted as many pictures lately,
i'll upgrade you for two videos.
be sure to check out her new "trick" in the 2nd one! :)



Saturday, January 1, 2011

some of e's favorite new toys

this is dino the dinosaur... eden can ride on him or walk behind him... she loves doing both (walking more than riding, though)

and the keyboard... this thing is a HIT!!
i hate these two videos don't REALLY show her gettin' her groove on...


...i love how all of these videos end virtually the same.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

so, i've fallen a bit behind (again)

hmph... i've gotten behind again! but lemme tell ya... i've been thankful for sleep these past few days and that's about it...

i have a sick baby. and i've managed to work all week... waking up numerous times per night with a cranky baby who is now on FOUR medicines (plus saline drops WHEN she lets me get them in her nose!) then trudging to work in retail this time of year--busy is an understatement... and managing to REPEAT!

...its nothing short of a miracle that i seem to be juggling everything... but i will say, its a delicate balance...

i even lost my cell phone this morning... and found it about 2 inches away from lee's tire in a gravel parking lot where i'd just backed lee's car up...

i am also thankful for all of my "eden helpers"... everyone pitches in... and YES! it REALLY does take a village...

on that note, please enjoy this video of eden... i'm pretty sure you can't just watch it once.

but before you watch it--i need to tell you that since she's been sick--she likes you to mock her coughing and sneezing--so much so, that she FAKES it sometimes just so you'll do it back... the last part of the movie is pretty self explanitory :)

...and early talker... whodathunkit?!

Monday, November 1, 2010

8 months old!

well, our little smile-all-the-time beauty is 8 months old today.
weight: heavy as lead. solid as a rock.
...seriously, about 18-19 lbs.
height: about as tall as nershi.
head circumference: just the right size to fit in this ridiculously cute hat...
we don't have a doctor's appointment (or shots!) at 8 mos,
so here's what she's been up to this past month (in a nutshell)

solids (as in PUREED solids) for 2 meals a day
(most days--unless we're super busy or her nap schedule overlaps)
which solids? peaches, bananas, prunes, berries, apples, pears, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes
the very few she doesn't care about: peas, green beans.
and all of the above are regularly mixed with oatmeal.
(hmm... maybe THAT'S why she's so stinkin' heavy!)

she puts herself to sleep at night--
as in, after bedtime bottle & a book, we simply put her in the crib
she goes to bed around 8-8:30 and sleeps until 6:30 and will usually go right back to sleep after her first bottle until around 8 or even 9!!
ORRRR... she'll wake up around 7-7:30, and stay up until her 1st nap around 10:30-11

she naps about 4-5 hours a day.
what time can totally depend on our schedule and what sort of activities we're up to
...she's pretty good about being alert and awake as long as we're busy
on busy days, she usually gives me one gigantic 3 1/2 hour nap or so.

talking... sorta
i'm convinced she's going to be a ventriloquist when she grows up.
she makes MOST of her consonant sounds...

...with her mouth closed.
(i'm trying to get it on film...its pretty funny)
anyone else's baby do this?!

she's uttered "mama" and "dada" but not intentionally
enough to where i think she's identifying us...

the latest thing... mischief!
she loves to play in nershi's water bowl
...but its not just the "playing in the water bowl",
its the sneaky grin and looking over BOTH of her shoulders
that tells me she knows better.

clapping & waving bye-bye
as seen here:
the clapping is particularly cute...
she leaves one hand still and uses the 2nd one to do all the "work"

as for the bye-bye...
she DEFINITELY understands what that means
even though she doesn't say it...
she crawls away from us and turns around and waves
and will wave if she IS prompted
when she or anyone else leaves.

this. girl. is. fast.

she LOVES to stand and can NEARLY balance on her own
if SHE wants to stand when you're TRYING to sit her down,
you basically have to LAY HER DOWN... flat as a board...
because her legs are LOCKED!! haha
...come to think of it, i'm not sure where she gets her stubbornness from
must be recessive. hmph.

she is at such a fun age--i seriously enjoy taking her everywhere with me!
she's been to some NICE restaurants and i just BEAM with pride
when the manager comes over and says
"she's the most well behaved baby we've had in here"

i'm sure i've left some things out... but she seriously learns something new

hard to believe about a year ago, i felt that first little flutter
and wondered if our little kicking miracle was a boy or a girl...

we are so in love and enjoy every second of watching her bubbly personality unfold

Sunday, September 5, 2010

does the camera add 10 pounds?

video does if you eat it.

happy monday!

Friday, September 3, 2010

he loves her...

many of you have asked "how has nershi adapted to eden in the house"
...i'm SURE i've mentioned it before, but he absolutely adores her...


...these two have been having so much fun recently!!

they were "talking" to one another this morning
(and stopped the MOMENT i got out the camera)

and also, eden has really started reaching for nershi... if he's within 5 feet of her, she wants to touch him... and 99.9999% of the time, he'll come right over (the remaining % of the time, he doesn't see her reaching) :) ...oh, and i hope you caught at about 0:15 when nershi laid down to lick her feet, she tried to peek over the edge of her jump-up...

so, no... there's nothing particularly EXCITING or funny about this video... just a really cute depiction of their blossoming relationship :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

silly squash


getting ready to feed the squirt tonite...
and she was suddenly amused by the word


enjoy! hope it made you smile!

happy monday!

Friday, August 6, 2010


eden tried squash tonite for the first time...

for the most part, i think she liked it...
she DEFINITELY noticed it was different than just plain ole rice cereal.

copy cat

we play this game a lot at our house...
...i think you'll get the jist of it pretty quickly


...i think i've done pretty good with the video snip-its this week...
if i must say so myself!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

she loves it!

sweet girl!! i've had this for her since wednesday, but she's not even felt like laying on her playmat... but she woke up MUCH better today after her shots...

i'm so excited that she loves this thing... its adorable to see her in it...
its definitely "age appropriate", but she's so tiny, we have to stuff blankets in the sides

i still can't believe how growny she looks in this thing!!

looking forward to more playtime & some 4 month pics after naptime :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

a few videos

nothin' terribly exciting about these videos... just eden being eden...

just thought i'd share a little EIA... "eden in action"

here she is playing in the tub...

and here she is just being her sweet little self.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

double feature

i took these two movies a few mornings ago and forgot to share them with you...


tonite, we went to the pool at mom and david's apartment... i'll post pictures of that tomorrow :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

miss smiley

wow. hard to believe my baby will be 3 months old on tuesday!!

i did a little photoshoot of her today in the cutest little dress... yes, still newborn size! but that stuff is getting smaller by the minute--
i think we'll be in 0-3 month stuff within the next week or so.
(even her onesies are getting hard to snap!)

she's sleeping 6-7 hours at night, chowing down a bottle, then back to sleep for another 5-6 hrs...
and will throw in a 8-10 hour stretch every now and then...
...and she'll throw in a 4 hour stretch every now and then, too...
i know she's doing really well in the sleep category--all things considered.
but, i find myself a little frustrated knowing what she's capable of...
i'm trying to pin down if its something i'm doing,
like not being consistent with her bedtime schedule or something...
but i think she's wanting to sleep longer, she's just a hungry, growing girl! :)

and i know i've mentioned it before, but since i'm making this her "3 month" post, i'll say it again-
she LOVES sitting up... looking around and soaking it all in.
the only time she's happy laying down is under her playmat.

we're getting the hang of going out and about...
and now that she's 10 lbs,
i'm starting to feel the burn in the biceps after carrying her around in her seat.

and this sweet girl is just not a paci girl...
i've gotten the closest thing to her bottle (non-contoured)
and she likes it for about .2 seconds and gets frustrated when there's no milk in it.
silly girl.

she is such a happy baby... just gotta keep her belly full! :) she is beginning to smile on demand, which made for a fun photoshoot today!

i don't know any doctor-y stuff for her 3 months, we go back for a well baby check at 4 months :)

here are a few of my favorites! sweet girl...

nershi was a tad jealous misinformed.
he thought i should've been taking pictures of him...

umm... ahem. nershi, can you scooch to the left a little.
and because you guys are such faithful blog readers, i will reward you with a video...
yes, the smile in action.