Friday, February 19, 2010


i'm generally not afraid to try most anything new in the kitchen.. but i've NEVER been able to make really good, fudgy BROWNIES!

out of the box? no... scratch? no... no way, no how... they're always undercookedbaked or burnt. and oh-so-disappointing... because let's be honest, i'm a cookie girl--and cookies only take about 15 minutes or so... while some brownie recipes are 35-40 mins... i'm usually salivating staring into the oven with the ovenlight on after 15 minutes*

*you would think with this technique they'd be pretty difficult to burn, i know.

back on point here... i've NEVER been able to produce good brownies...

until now... with a little LOT of help of course :)
yep, dumb ole me just has to get 'em outta the package & put them in the oven! and boy are they GOOOOOOOD! :)

ya know, its nice to feel so "accomplished" :-D

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