Tuesday, January 19, 2010

28 week BUMPdate

get it?! update... "BUMP"date... eeeh, fergitaboutit...
...WOW! excuse the hair... going thursday afternoon to fix that!!

alls well in the belly these days... eden seems to be getting on some sort of schedule... i'm hoping to attempt to keep a log or jot down when these times are--it'll be interesting to see if it changes or becomes some sort of routine...

i'm still having a bit of trouble sleeping at night... mainly just getting comfortable--trust me, i can take it from there!! haha.

and i'm still LOVIN' the waffles!!!!! and apples...and salad (that's a recurrence since the beginning of my preg-ness!)

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RollTideGirl said...

Look at you! Beautiful. xoxo KieKie