Friday, February 19, 2010

out of the mouths of babes

went to visit lee's parents tonite and spend some time with stephanie, the girls & baby earl!! we enjoyed watching the 4d ultrasound movie, watching earl "coo", having pizza, playing dress up, and coloring... ah! and exchanging valentines!

mary kathryn had been waiting to see me in person to give me her valentine's day card...

so--this conversation occurs as i open the card...

me: "oh, its beautiful mk, did you make this?!"
mk: "yes, i made it just for you and baby eden"
me: "why, thank you!!"
me: "oh my gracious! you drew me a pretty picture on the inside, too!!...with STICKERS!"
mk: "yep, sure did! that's a picture of baby eden"
me: "oh ok... well, why is she crying?"
mk: "she's not crying, she's frowning"
me: "gotcha... but, why is she frowning?"
mk: "because you sent her to her room"

stephanie just rolled her know, like "well, i wonder where she heard that from" haha...i was too scared to ask why eden was sent to her room. haha

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