Friday, May 7, 2010

happy happy happy mama!!!

well, after my long fairly dramatic (at least on my level) day with those &$%#@ kitchen cabinets, i was worried that those little "cat naps" that i could hypnotize eden into taking would destroy her increasingly fabulous night sleep schedule... tired as i was when i finished yesterday, i propped toothpicks in my eyelids and gave her a bath (since it was "bath day")... even though i thought about skipping it after the flurry of activity... i knew it would help her sleep... well, you know, if she was going to sleep at all!!

i would be perfectly fine if her bedtime was a little later than normal, if she'd sleep her predictable 6.5 hours...

so, after a bath and about 10 sips of a nighttime bottle, she. was. out... at 11:30

you wanna know how it all worked out?? i've never been so excited to wake up at 6am!!

yes! she did it! hallelujah!

lee even asked me (since i was still in the bed*) "did you have to get up last night?"

...NOPE. sure didn't! :-D

*usually, once she wakes up, we end up falling asleep in the recliner...


i ventured out early today (very uncharacteristic.)...
got my car washed at auto bell
ran some errands at target*
breakfast at chick-fil-a (buy one get one free...WHAAAT?!)
deposited our state refund check
found out shannon is dropping of our family pictures today at lee's work
walking later today with shellie
annnnd i got to enjoy a mother's day edition of price is right

*had to get ANOTHER new trash can... idontwannatalkaboutit. i will say that i broke the new old one...i've moved on to a whole 'nother style... a trash can isn't supposed to be fashionable, right? ugh.


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