Friday, May 7, 2010

summer is here!

one of the things on my list was to get e a(nother) bouncy seat... her's is in my office... its the most versatile thing she had a the time, so it went to work... she can sleep, eat, and play in that thing! its nice to have one around the house, so she can be in the same room as her mama!! (mainly the bathroom and the kitchen...she's got something else more permanent in the other rooms)

this one vibrates and seems to be a bit more exciting... i even snapped a few pictures of that melt-your-heart smile!!

she loved all the sounds and vibrations...
this was the look i got when i asked her "eden, do they make one of these in mama's size?"

then i just couldn't resist putting her shades on! she just looked so "summery" in her little fishy onesie!

...what can i say? she's a diva!!

i just love her bagillion facial expressions! each one of 'em!

OH!! and how dare i forget....

i took eden to work today for the sole intention of WEIGHING HER!

any guesses?

ok... times up.

i put her car seat on the scale, zero-ed it, then put her in the car seat...(so you folks don't think i just plopped her on there!)

8 pounds 5 ounces!!!! you could've knocked me over with a feather!

that would explain why she prefers her "paci" when its full of MILK! (uh, that's a bottle for those of you who are a little slow...)

she's packin' it on! goooo eden go!

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Megan said...

wowsers! way to gain weight eden! i'm loving your fishy onesie. super cute!