Thursday, May 6, 2010

lesson learned.

i've been wanting to re-do my kitchen cabinets (rearranging what is in which cabinet)... and put some things that i don't use that much in a less convenient place...

well, i REALLY wanted to just do a few drawers... but those of you who love to organize know that's never how it happens :)

so, i put eden down for her nap and dove in!

i started just after lunch... and its now 10:54pm and i have just finished.

of course, once i finished the kitchen cabinets, i had to situate all the stuff under the sink... only to discover a leak. great. but--i am pretty sure one of the pipe-thingies just needed a little tightening... dad came over and saved the day. i'll keep an eye on it for the next few days just to make sure!

so! lesson learned... lots of my fellow mommies have informed me that i will be interrupted in the middle of projects and things i want to get done for the rest of my life!

and because i'm such an honest person... i will share with you the picture of my kitchen after i realized i'd gone a little too far...

wow. i told lee it looked like an episode of "hoarders", except my cabinets were empty :)

...i'll post an "after picture" tomorrow... i'm wore slam out. and we're about to have a thunderstorm... sleep is in my near future!

oh, and speaking of "tomorrow"... the ENTIRE day today, i thought it was friday (and that i'd have to go to work "tomorrow"--saturday)... whew. good thing i have my shows automatically record... i would've missed grey's anatomy!!

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