Tuesday, January 12, 2010

going GREEN

the painting fairy... otherwise known as KIE KIE came to paint today... here's a few "before" shots that i took last night before bed...goodbye, yellow!!
and here's the worker bee herself... pulling off tape...

here's a peek of the contrast of the dark green wall... I. LOVE. IT... it looks great!! the darker green wall is where the white tree will stick on the wall... we'll hang that up soon!
here's the room with the furniture put back in place (we're not exactly sure how we're going to arrange the room...we'll figure it out tomorrow once the chair has been delivered...)

...and just because it looks sooo splendifertastic, one more shot where you can see both greens! (valspar emerald isle is the darker one, and valspar zen garden is the lighter one)
YAY!! the paint has made the room feel a lot closer to finished, FOR SURE! mom worked her fanny off today, while lee was in charge of staying out of the way & keeping up with nershi (he hung out at grandpa's, again!), and i was at work...

she's a PROFESSIONAL... that's the sort of activity i get too frustrated to do... ugh! remember? and then that little project continued over here and finally finished with a pro finishing it for me



RollTideGirl said...

Just wondering if you followed thru on your "threat" to sleep in the nursery last night???!!! ha -- How did the beautiful colors look in the sunlight this morning? Made my day to do that for my g-daughter & her mommy/daddy.

Poirier Family said...

I love the color, and how you did two greens!! MOMS are the BEST!!