Monday, January 11, 2010

you want pictures...


this weekend, lee and i went down with his mom and dad to visit with stephanie, kevin, mary kathryn, lucy, and MEET baby earl!

we had so much fun... and REALLY hated to leave today :-\

here's mk, lucy, and little earl! the girls were so excited to "introduce us" to their new brother as soon as we walked in the door
hey, EARL! :) (uncle lee thinks he looks like benjamin button... a little "old man" baby!)
here's stephanie... holding her new baby

after we had a de-lish dinner, we took the girls to spend the night with us (me, lee, nana, and papa) at the hotel... FUN!

here's the girls in their bed...
but before we went to bed, both girls said "we love you and baby eden, aunt hannah" ...just melts your heart! :)

and after a good night's rest... the girls were curious to know how on EARTH do we wake up UNCLE LEE??

well, aunt hannah knew the trick... you gotta rub his beard!!
once we finally got uncle lee up, mary kathryn did what she does best...TALK ON THE PHONE! she called her mommy & daddy to bring earl and to come meet us for a yummy breakfast buffet...
...well, she was READY TO GO... she forgot that we never had to go outside, so the coat was a little much--but never the less, she was ready!!here we are getting ready to CHOW DOWN!!
then we went back to the house for some serious play time...

who doesn't love the feeling of lee's unbelievably fresh breath the wind in your hair?!
something was REALLY funny :)mk is a PRO at these sorta shots... just like her aunt hannah and uncle lee!
the guys (lee and papa) wanted to take a picture of ALLLLLL the girls! ...but something was wrong with the camera... so, lee took a picture of me at my best :)there we go! :)uncle lee was getting in some good practice... playing BARBIE DOLLS!! the girls have an entire population of barbies... with a very small number of kens... go figure.
uncle lee sure does love to be silly with the girls! :)
and here's nana... being such a good nana and helping steph with the laundry! ...i told her she could move in anytime she wanted to if she did our laundry!here's a picture of me and my best side... haha... don't laugh.lee with one of the lucky ken dolls... we thought this one looked like uncle lee... you know, with his undeniable sense of style! annnnd this is the face that mary kathryn makes as lucy moves in on one of her barbies... ahhh, sisterly love :)and the glow seahorse... that hypnotizes everyone to sleep... here's mk "snoring" with uncle lee and papa... and fyi, one person in this picture is actually sleeping... any guesses?yes, stephanie and kevin... you are WELCOME! lee and i are more than happy to give your daughters ken dolls... so they just rip all the clothes off of him just like they do with their barbies... life's lessons learned early! :)boy meets girl... boy falls in love... (with no clothes on, of course!)
and yes, i do know that payback is on its way :) ....mooooving right along...

a great group shot of everyone... minus nana the camerawoman... and earl the sleeping babe!
and in our short visit... mk became a master of the iphone... learning to call uncle lee "to make sure he has his cell phone in case aunt hannah has baby eden" girl :)
and on our way to the beach, i spotted "eden" street... and we just HAD to stop on the way back! :)

so, here's your 27 week picture... and here's to the great start of my LAST trimester! :)

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The Comptons said...

i love your pics!!! :) im just now learning how to do everything but I still havent mastered writing on the pictures or fancy stuff like that...maybe one night we could have a "date" and you could help me out!!!