Wednesday, December 2, 2009

preggo update

yesterday i had my latest prenatal checkup... all is well, eden's heart is just as strong as ever, and all my stats are looking simply stellar!

and get this, in the 21 weeks that i've been pregnant, i just gained MY FIRST POUND!! dr. gunter said "i knew you'd get there EVENTUALLY! and it just happened to be after thanksgiving" haha...

in non-medical prenatal news... as of yesterday, i FEEL pregnant... other than eden kicking me like crazy for about 3 weeks now (she's coming out with a black belt in karate...wanna bet?), i'm starting to get short of breath doing seemingly normal things... like squatting down last night to help lee with the christmas lights*, and bending over to find my pants in the dryer... and i dunno if its just me, but i feel like in the last week my belly has just poked right out! haha if you look at my picture from last week, i was sorta stickin' it out--but this week i was just being normal... i dunno... i just FEEL pregnant this week.

*i will have to do a post on my MAN's hard work putting up our christmas lights & outside decorations... however, that post must be accompanied by pictures... and its raining cats & dogs outside... so, you'll have to wait!

and i'm beginning to make some progress on the nursery... i was able to order my crib on black friday while it was on sale... with some coupons that i had... and a free shipping "promotional code"... and i'm SUPER stoked, because a.) we saved a LOT of money... and b.) its now SOLD OUT!!! whew!! this was the ONLY crib that lee and i BOTH liked... we both kept coming back to it in all of our looking & online surfing, so i decided to use all of my coupons, take advantage of the sale & the free shipping... i got the crib i wanted and saved a CHUNK of change!! (over $100!!) yipeeeeee!!

it should be here this week or next week... and i'll be sure to take pictures of LEE putting it together :) and i'm still deciding on a few colors/decorating ideas...and we'll be making headway after the first of the year!

oh...and while we're on the topic of BABIES! michael & kimberlee had a BIG healthy baby BOY today!! here's a picture of...

owen todd
9 lbs. 15 oz!! and 21.5" long! mom and baby are doing SUPER! kimberlee's already a FANTASTIC mommy... we had a great visit with them tonite & lemme tell ya, there's nothing like holding a brand new baby... he's a sweetie!!

welp, i think that's my update for now...

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