Friday, November 4, 2011


i don't think of myself as a superstitious person... but i do love the stevie wonder song.

eden's nebulizer and humidifier seem to ALWAYS be laying around... because it seems we ALWAYS need them. but the last couple of times that e's recouped, i finally get around to putting away the unattractive, ultimately necessary, unsightly eyesores...she gets sick again.

coincidence? not really... i realize she gets sick with this type of thing maybe a little more than the average almost-2-year-old, but it never fails--its HOURS after i've stored all the "sick stuff" away.

the gigantic humidifier that sits in her room on a 3 legged table with a towel under it... and the gas mask-esque nebulizer with the cumbersome cord just flopping all over the place... that stupid cord kinks in a new york minute! and all 3294782 pieces of her nebulizer (that eden likes to use for tea parties**) get stashed in a ziploc back to hopefully never be seen again...

**i would also like to point out that she knows how to ENTIRELY assemble her neb stuff!! 5 pieces--some pushed, some twisted, some simply drop in/fit together--she knows it all!!)

all those lovely pieces of highly unfashionable home accents are now regular parts of our decor. because maybe

just maybe...

keeping them out will keep the bugs away.

...something like garlic to vampires.

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