Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween 2011--one to remember.

my dear eden was sick over the weekend... with RG (respiratory gunk.) we missed the much-anticipated neighborhood halloween party and had to miss her school festival celebrating "God's harvest"--but i would NOT let her miss ALL the festivities of the weekend! my heart just broke for her (even though she didn't even KNOW what she was missing!)

we did venture out to church for their "hallelujah night" monday night... i had an ulterior motive, though... our sunday school class hosted a chili cook-off!! i had my game face on!

ahem, when i say "game face" i mean that i looked like a zombie. 
e hasn't slept much since saturday. 
(i'm crying on the inside.)

any hoo! back on subject!
eden was a little unsure of ALL that was going on at church--lots of people and folks she wasn't terribly familiar with doing the "cute baby ambush"... but, she caught on pretty quick and got her 2nd wind.

she did GREAT! she played a few games and proudly flaunted her elmo basket 

(i love lee's enthusiastic hands in the side of this picture! :))
so, i know she's my kid and all... but she looked ridiculously cute. i wanted to eat her.

lee dressed up as andy dwyer from parks & rec
...if you watch the show, i think you'll agree with me...
he nailed it.
most of what he had was in his closet... but i hooked him up with a few finishing touches.

i ended up winning 3rd place of 14 or 15? chilis that entered... and the winner was a self-proclaimed cheater. so, what's that make me? 2nd! haha...i even have a trophy!

after eden's candy selections and a dose of steriods, we all had a really long night... 
poor e... 
she's feeling better, but still wanting to be held at night.
i do cherish those moments--as they are few & far between with her now, but goodness gracious...
it was sorta like the stubborn stand-off at high noon midnight...
once we determined she wasn't in pain, wasn't hungry, didn't have a dirty diaper, etc. etc. etc....
we just had to let her "cry it out"--it nearly killed me.
this lasted OVER AN HOUR.
and it only makes me feel tireder (yes, its a word--that's how tired i am.) when i find out that while i'm at work, she takes a THREE AND A HALF HOUR NAP today... 
thanks, eden. i would've loved to have taken part in the siesta. 

however, as i type this blog to you--our night tonite is ALREADY better than last night. seriously.

i'm thankful that His mercies are new every morning, and eden's mercies are new every evening.

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