Tuesday, November 8, 2011

our weekend from iphone pictures

thursday afternoon we went to the jr. league shopping spree with kiekie and e spotted a "doggie doggie" and of course--she was in love. she petted him, slapped on her legs to call him...

 ...and even gave him a hug

then saturday we went to the red & white game at state... we did NOT go to the football game. it was a bit chilly and i'm not risking any more respiratory issues. no thanks.

e got to hang out with emily and mrs. wuf... and we saw/hugged/blew kisses to mr. wuf but didn't get any pictures of that.

 then we hung out and got lots of good rest and started a new sleep routine that has restored mama & daddy's sanity.

then we went to moe's for dinner and got ready for our week!

i'm not letting my guard down yet--but e's doing much better and the new sleep routine is working out swimmingly. i'm feeling so. r.e.s.t.e.d... 

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