Sunday, November 20, 2011

birthday week

well, its been a great week on the birthday front, but my sweet e has been sick...its the same old same ole--except my frustration is mounting and i'm feeling more and more helpless... i choose to focus on the positive at this point. she has a great doctor who is willing to stick with us through this and work it out.

last weekend: a good almost-too-busy weekend... dinner out with friends, diaper party, etc...

monday, we had one of my favorite dishes that granny pat cooks--chicken tetrazini! when asked what kind of birthday cake i wanted this year, i asked if i could choose a "birthday casserole" instead (does that sound like a response of a sleep deprived, tired-of-eating-out mama? yes.)

tuesday lee & i had a date night to "gravy" downtown... it was f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. (coming from the girl who isn't a huge fan of italian) and reasonably priced... we're going back. soon.

wednesday we stayed at home and kept quiet...lee surprised me with tickets to see brian regan! eeeek! :) date night... wooo hooo!!

thursday --when kiekie arrived to take care of eden, i got to go back to bed "for a minute"... two hours later i woke up and felt reeeeeejuvenated--my head on lee's pillows, my feet on my nightstand (get it? laying perpendicular at the top of the bed.). best. birthday. gift. ever. we celebrated my bday with mom & david at firebirds (another one of my fave restaurants!)

friday we stayed in again... pizza & baked ziti! (one of the highlights of my week: eden ate THREE BOWLS of ziti and ate a slice of cheese pizza that she took off of my plate... i thought we were over the worst at this point--but time has shown me differently.)

and then we arrived at the weekend i planned to do nothing... no, not a weekend with nothing planned--a weekend that i PLANNED to do NOTHING. ahhhhh! :)

we skipped church today in an effort to limit exposure to any.more.germs. and stayed home... i cleaned and cleaned and sanitized and scrubbed and opened the windows and turned on the ceiling fans on high... lysoled and cloroxed, laundered every blanket, etc... and somehow i managed to cook dinner, too! :) i enjoyed my day with eden--the weather was phenomenal... we played outside and snuggled and read books and blew bubbles and played on the swing...

i have pictures...i'll post later... i promise.

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