Saturday, October 22, 2011

weekend update

this will be a quick, choppy post because i'm enjoying life without the computer* (i don't want to get sucked back in)

*i'm still playing with facebook--its a terrible addiction--but i do it mostly from my phone. the computer is a time warp--and facebook is an addiction... its really not a great combination.

e's feeling MUCH better... still a teensy bit of rash left... i'm going to call monday if its not gone by then...

we're having a wonderful weekend with the weather as the metaphorical cherry on top! wow! chilly temps... e is RIDICULOUSLY cute in a down vest... no, really.

last night we had a chillaxin-with-a-capital-c night last night (after a long, productive, and relatively stressful week!)... i grilled out porkchops & had steamed veggies and parmesan bowtie pasta on the side... we played with e, gave her a bath....and after she went to bed, lee and i sat around and watched tv... y'all, its been a long time since we did that... just normal fantastic family stuff!

tonite, lee officiated his first wedding... it was PERFECT! i got a few pics of my maaaaaan doin' his thang.. i'll post later... e had a blast dancing at the reception (imagine that.) and on a side note--she caught a cricket! whaaaaa? she squatted down in the grass, and i looked away for 1 second and she had that cricket who'd been bouncing all over the place in the palm of her hand and was PETTING HIM!... he laid perfectly still until she held out her hand for him to "go bye bye"

...she's the cricket whisperer, i say!

tomorrow we're venturing out to the pumpkin farm after church/nap. not sure which farm yet... should be fun... stay tuned for some lovely fall pics of our sweet girl.

did i mention lee was OFF WORK... FRIDAY.... SATURDAY... AND SUNDAY!! wow. i'm lovin' it.

umm... ok. that's all i wanna say. bye.

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