Wednesday, November 30, 2011

little changes

Well friends, I've failed to post pictures again... Ugh. I will get to it... I promise.

Life has been full of little changes... Mostly good. I'm typing this blog from my new little love... My iPad. I never touched one until 3 weeks ago... Thought I might want one 2 weeks ago (though I wasn't entirely sure what for)... And now? Well, I'm not sure how I ever lived without the thing!! It actually makes me want to be on the computer less, but I'm enjoying reading for the first time since.... Well, since ever. Reading is so much more relaxing when I can change the font of the book I'm reading and when I can hold this zen like machine...its so much more relaxing than bending back the cover of a stiff paperback or messing with that stupid book jacket. Blah! Dad totally surprised me at the apple store with this byootee... And even let me have it early because we will have some downtime soon and spend some time in a boring hospital waiting room.

Oh yes--that brings me to my next point... Eden has seen the ENT who has recommended the immediate removal of her adenoids and putting tubes in her ears. A relief on SO many levels and yet, still a bit nerveracking. It's a path I've traveled down MANY times as a patient... But never the mama. I was relieved to know that the doctor didn't want to monitor her for weeks or months only for me to bust out my "I told you so" mama look. Her chronic respiratory issues and ear infections over the last year have led us to this point and we are ready to take action and move on to the next chapter of our lives. In the last 3 or 4 months (it's probably longer, but I'm not willing to admit it), Eden has had probably an entire week (not consecutively, I might add) of totally WELL days... That's not enough by my count.

We will keep you posted as much as possible along the way...but honestly--y'all know how I am about posting here as of late... You may get more current info through my facebook page.

In the spirit of life in general now, I decided to de-clutter the living room... Old pictures, decorations that I'm not sure why we ever crammed together on the mantle, pillows that match a little too well. Not to mention I was getting really tired of the yellow walls in here--they don't match nothing (yes, that's grammatically incorrect--but it does, however, accurately describe the yellow walls)... We needed to freshen up a little. De-cluttering. Gosh, just the word gets me to perk up! Lee sent me to target to pick out some pillows with personality... And that I did! Burgundy accents... With some yellow tones and a few dashes of orange... Not to mention the variety of textures... Fluffy ruffle-ish, embroidered flowers, and dots with a bit of sheen... It's amazing how new pillows can revamp a room! Eh, maybe I'll post pics of them one day.

It's hectic at work and I'm doing more than 80% of my Christmas shopping online. Christmas shopping is for people who have too much time on their hands and not enough hobbies. And no small children.

That's all I really need to post right now....I may catch up on my to-do list and my sleep before we elect another president.


Type B Mom Stays at Home said...

"In the last 3 or 4 (it's probably longer, but I'm not willing to admit it), Eden has had probably an entire week (not consecutively, I might add) of totally WELL days... "

This is where the way too pregnant girl almost did an audible cry instead of just get all teary. Poor girl (and yall.)! I'm so glad she's getting this done!

Britt said...

I know you are loving the iPad! I have one too and it is so much fun. I'm spoiled now because a computer just takes WAAAAY too long to boot-up. But my iPad is always ready to play :-). It enables my shopping habits, which is very dangerous!
Hope you are having a Merry December!!!

Anonymous said...

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