Tuesday, October 18, 2011

frustration: noun meaning....

got a call from her teacher yesterday, so i picked eden up from school early (which i expected when i dropped her off*), whisked her away to a suite full of highly paid, highly educated, highly intelligent humans who ran numerous tests and examined her for diagnostic markers only for them to tell me she has a "mystery virus" that "should disappear in 24 hours" and a pat on the back partnered with an "i'll call tomorrow to check on her"

*no, i'm not one of "those parents"--she had a horrible night's sleep (read: the LONGEST stretch of sleep she got was 1hr 15mins--and i know what you're thinking--NO, she didn't wake up that frequently when we brought her home from the hospital), but wasn't sick or anything else that would prohibit her from going to school.

today--she's not super duper better...but she's coming along alright. symptoms are different, but her bubbly personality seems to have resurfaced. so, i called the office for the doctor to give me a ring when she got a minute. (wait 2 hours) after a highly unproductive call from the nurse (ahem, i asked for the DOCTOR to call me.), i found out the doctor (who was going to call today) is on vacation until thursday... and i also "learned" the symptoms of dehydration that i should "keep an eye out for" so i'll know when to take her to the emergency room. SERIOUSLY... thanks for that imporant information--i'm pretty sure i would've figured out if my daughter hasn't peed in 24 hours, no tears come out when she cries and her LIPS ARE CRACKING we have a problem. thanks. 

missnurselady, can you see if she mentioned anything about keeping an eye out for a uti or bladder infection? "oh, no ma'am, it just says 'mystery virus' on her file............"

wow. thanks. no mention of the strep culture, abdominal rash, irritability, fever on her "file?"

and the part that really irks me is that i LOVE the doctor's and the staff... AT MY OFFICE... but when i call and am unknowingly transferred to the "main campus" office (30 mins away) who don't know my kid from macauley culkin and i get some scripted answer about a problem they SAW WITH THEIR OWN EYES LESS THAN 24 HOURS before this telephone call (AT THE OFFICE TO WHICH I PLACED THE CALL!)... we're gonna have a problem.

missnurselady, can you please take a message for someone call me from my local office? "they're busy today and all their calls are being transferred to us" ....yes, missnurselady, and what does that have to do with what i just asked you to do...a message is something you return when you're, ahem, NOT busy anymore--or, in layman's terms, temporarily caught up. 

its 9:05pm... do you think i've heard from them? or, better yet... do you think they got the message? oh, and one parting question to ponder... do you think this will be the last they hear of this?

[deep breath] goodnight. i'm going take advantage of my "cool down period" now.


Type B Mom Stays at Home said...

Oh no they did not! That is unbelievably frustrating - their bedside manor is atrocious! - that doctor.... "I'll give you a call tomorrow" .... and is now on vacation. ..and that nurse. UGH. I don't know which part of this makes me madder, so I'll just stop. I hope Eden feels all the way better, now.

Edwin and Jess said...

Ugh, I'm sorry Hannah! It's so frustrating when the other office tries to "help" you, but doesn't know you or your child in the least. I hope Eden is feeling better today!!!

Analee said...

always remember that you choose where you go to the doctor. i got so fed up with our first ped. that i switched. it was about this time last year. and, for the same reason. they were just too busy to help us. couldn't schedule appts in a decent time, wouldn't return phone calls in a decent time, etc. so, we switched. i love LOVE LOVE our new doctor. i've not had a single problem there. they act like we are a customer. :) best luck to you.

Analee said...

oh, and make sure you write them a LETTER - a hand written letter - look up who the owner is and send it to them (you can look up the business on the sec. of state webpage) and copy the local branch and the branch that got forwarded the calls. regardless if you get switched, if the owner doesn't know what is going on, they can't fix the problem. chances are, though, they do know and just aren't fixing it. they see $$$ with a lot of business!

The Comptons said...

do what I do for my friends at work...call Amy on her cell or facebook her directly and she will pull strings for you :) I'm sure she wouldnt mind if I gave you her number