Monday, August 15, 2011

a night at home

whew, seems these last few weeks have been busy...
even our "nights at home" have been hectic
especially if they are nights following days that were at SCHOOL.

today, i had an unexpected follow up at the dentist and picked up 
a sushi dinner for me and eden to enjoy as soon as i picked her up from school
...this was so nice because i had dinner ready as soon as we walked in the door 
without necessarily having "fast food"

i could watch this girl eat sushi all day long!

cram it in!

and alas, another TREASURE sent home from school today...
...with an orange triangle, no less.
that's been the focus of some of the lessons recently.

this work of art is most definitely framable!
...the book is hard to frame... but, THIS i can do!

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Britt said...

Man! I hope my baby loves Sushi! haha...alright super-blogger, I need you to teach me some lessons on formatting my own blog. Yours is fun and fabulous!