Saturday, August 27, 2011

hurricane readiness--preschool style

first, you gotta hunker in the bunker.

drink plenty of milk
(but, that's just a good idea in general.)

make sure if when you track in water, you don't slip and fall
(those are supposed to be in the bottom of the tub, but my precious daughter stuck them to the floor)

and lawdymercy, don't let the humidity get the best of your hair...
put it in a PONYTAIL!

 and once the storm is over,
survey the damage

go outside and discover all the creatures the storm left behind the not-so-itsy-bitsy spider praying mantis

and a froggie...RIBBIT!

enjoy the view

 and listen to daddy play music

 (and say "hey doggie" to all the doggies out for their evening stroll)

other steps not pictured:
-take a nap when the power goes out
-go visit granny becuase she has a generator and a feast
(ham, macaroni&cheese, butter beans, sweet potato casserole)
...yes, all of EDEN's favorites--but the rest of the family enjoyed them, too!

and THAT'S how you survive hurricane irene!

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Li'l Miss Muffet said...

"Hunker down in the bunker!" Love it.