Sunday, August 14, 2011

photographic update

so, i mentioned a while back that my super duper equally-as-fabulous half got me a cool book to help me learn a bit more about my camera...

i don't know if its really paying off, or if my photography subject just keeps getting cuter.
eh, maybe its a bit of both.

these last few days i've gotten some great pictures of her... its times like this when i realize i need to keep my camera a bit more handy... i love taking pictures with it!!

these first few were of eden in her bama shirt from kiekie & pop... and i happened to find on of her bouncy footballs in the yard... ROLL TIDE!

e likes to "high five" while she's swinging... and a very observant courtney noticed that she's carrying my makeup around... her "treasure"

and i consider myself to be in an elite group... 
a group that gets to experience their daughter AND their makeup going down the slide.

rainbows, iPhone... yep, she's got the girl thing down pat!

she wanted to put daddy's runnin' shoes on before they went for their run...
and that brown strip of leather is not my belt, its eden's "nake" (snake)
--she likes to make it squiggle and squirm as she slings it around... 

and this last one makes me laugh out loud... 
i'm surprised she stayed still long enough for me to get this picture.

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