Wednesday, August 31, 2011

lens learning

so, after learning (and i'm still learning) a bit more about my camera dad got me some loot for my camera!
i got a zoom lens, some cool filters, a strap, a bag, and a new lens that has no zoom at all on it
it has a wide open aperture that lets in lots of light and yields a fast shutter.
(i think that's the right explanation--again, i know how it works--
i'm not learning it to explain it to everyone. haha)

so, this lens is great for portraits--it makes everything in the background blurry

i want to play with it outside later this week... and i think i might need to adjust a few camera settings
but either way, i had a good time playing around with it tonite...

i snapped a few pics during tub time tonite...
you don't get as much of the blurry background (ahem, "minimized distractions"), 
because its all white--nothing to blur...

i wish this next one was just a teensy bit more in focus (operator error)
this picture is so "her"

splash, splash, splash!!

...stay tuned for more results from my experiments. haha
zoom lenses, filters, who knows what sort of photographic concoctions i'll be coming up with!

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