Thursday, September 1, 2011

a year and a half.


someone PLEASE make it stop... i cannot possibly be the mother of a year-and-a-half old.

75% of TWO?
we're 1/2 way to THREE!?!
...ok, i'll stop.

head circumference: 47 cm (50-75%)
weight: 24lb 4oz (50%)
height: 32.5 inches (75%)

favorite activities:
talking on the phone
talking to strangers
watching any tv show with singing
(barney, sesame street, etc.)
playing dress up (mainly with jewelry...for now)
finding doggies
...funny story about this one--dad and i were out in a restaurant and eden kept pointing saying "DOGGIE DOGGIE" to which i replied "oh, no eden--they don't have doggies in restauruants" but she insisted--so i figured out what she was pointing at... the tiniest little white dog in a painting on the OTHER SIDE of the dining area. sheesh. so, now, its how i keep her busy and occupied-- "eden, where are the doggies?"
playing outside
reading books
singing songs (itsy bitsy spider, wheels on the bus, abc's, etc.)
playing with her shoes, my shoes, lee's shoes, anyone's shoes that aren't on their feet.
running (riding in the stroller) with her daddy
carrying around her treasures
treasures include but are not limited to: motrin, orajel, travel size containers of anything she finds in my bathroom drawer, keys/keychains, her medicine dropper, nail polish... 
you get the idea. tiny things that aren't "hers".
(there are so many things i'm leaving out... i'll add them as i think of them)
the tantrums appear to have arrived--like, IN FULL FORCE. they've been making small appearances here and there... but now... they're HERE. like, slam-her-head-down-on-the-concrete-sidewalk or wallow-in-the-middle-of-the-floor-at-the-doctors-office (i cannot tell you how many times i bathed her that night.)
me? i'm doing ok ignoring/managing them... unless we're at a restaurant. that's where she always wins. maybe she won't figure that one out. 90%+ of her tantrums spawn from her wanting to be more independent than she should be (holding the glass of tea by herself, etc.)--i still haven't figured out where she gets that one.

she's not gotten the hang of us dropping her off at school yet--but i'm trying to be patient... the teacher constantly assures me that she's fine/not crying/playing with the other kids before i'm even back to my car.
and i'm still not having any luck with her eating much meat--beyond THINLY sliced deli meat and maybe 1/8 of 1 chick-fil-a nugget. i'm REALLY NOT concerned about this--i've been wanting to jump back on with my skinny b!tch/food challenge--but haven't had the time to have a long, productive, thoughtful grocery shopping trip... ah, i digress.

she puts herself to bed now... (is that normal at this age?). she could be in the middle of a puzzle or a book and i say "eden, are you ready to go to bed and listen to your music?" she drops what she's doing and marches up the stairs. waits by the crib until someone hoists her in there to tuck her in.

she loves mr. wolf (the nc state mascot)--i can't wait to see her reaction when she REALLY meets mr. wolf saturday... fingers crossed--i'm predicting a meltdown when he must move on to the next eager fans. 
we'll see.

i am so in love with this little person... its ridiculous how much we love her. really. she makes me so proud when she does the simplest things or comes up to give me a hug. there is no way to measure the insurmountable joy she has brought to me, lee, our families or our home. --i know y'all get tired of hearin' that at the end of every milestone post--but i could do it at the end of EVERY post and i still don't think i could say it enough.

sorry no pics--yeah yeah... well i just posted some YESTERDAY. 


Edwin and Jess said...

I can't believe she's 1 1/2 now :( Why are they growing up sooo fast??? I got tickled reading about her tantrums, for a second I was sure you were blogging about Peyton lol.

Megan said...

I 100% agree with you on how much joy babies bring! I was just thinking yesterday about how head over heels in love I am with Keira. Every new thing she does is just so amazing and makes me so proud. Ahhh motherhood. :)