Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a photographic "thank you"

well, thanks for ALLL the opinions on my last post!! y'all inspired me to weed my facebook garden. :)
i'm down to about 1000... but i'd REALLY like to be at about 700... we'll see....

so, as a "thank you" for all of your help, i thought i'd share some of our latest pictures...

...what's that?

oh... yeah, and because i PROMISED i'd share pictures with you!

here's some different angles of our new "home within our home"...the swingset!!
 eden's LOVIN' it! seems like we're out there all the time! mama and daddy have sweat a lot and eden has been graced with the cool breezes of swinging back and forth!
 this next one is from the back corner of the set (looking back towards our deck that you can't see)
you can see the back window with the flower box and the door with the 1/2 wall and even the completed 1/2 wall under the slide/climbing ramp
 mama took e's picture from inside the play house... PEEK-A-BOO
e and her daddy (oh, yes, and the snack cup) before the pool!

ok, so i knew she would love the pool... but not THIS MUCH! she saw the big kids going down the slide and she had to do it too!! 

puh-LEASE click to enlarge and look at her face in this picture!! 
 dunk her under water...
pick her right back up...
 and she points to DO IT AGAIN!!!
...and again
...and again
...and again!!!

when the lifeguards blew the whistle for break, she wandered around making new friends and finding out what sort of snacks everyone brought. she eventually settled with some perfect strangers (well, strangers to her--i knew them!) and enjoyed their goldfish and sugar wafers! 
 she had ZERO interest in hangin' out with mama and "aunt" emily and aunt lisa... 

and this last one i just think is too cute!
eden loves spaghetti... annnnd so does the dog :)
love those blue eyes!

we're headed back to the pool this afternoon...

catch y'all later!

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Courtney said...

ugh. . . I wish we had a pool to go to where the people aren't perfect strangers and Harper could eat their sugar wafers and I wouldn't be worried that they were laced with PCP. j.e.a.l.o.u.s . . . .