Friday, June 3, 2011

one and one quarter

15 months? 
are you kidding me?

my what a joy.
she is so stinkin' fun... i love every minute of my time with her...
her free spirit radiates to everyone she meets
she's talking up a storm
saying: mama, dada, elmo, dog, kitty, juice, book, tick-tock, ball, kiekie, nana, papa, emmy, milley, ner (nershi), bone, and i'm pretty sure she's started saying pool (she's not said it in the appropriate context, so i won't officially count it yet)
she can find the features of your face (ex. "where's mama's nose?", etc)
she loves to sing and dance and is an absolute fish in the water.
kicking her legs, going down the slide, going under the water... 
ahem...mama's checking into some swimming lessons for the summer...

...but none of the "pool stuff" should come as a surprise... since day 1 the girl would play in a cup of water if you gave it to her... baths, puddles, kiddie pools, the sink... i could go on :)

she loves sesame street, bob the builder (just the opening theme song), all of her books, dogs--she likes to "open mouth kiss them" wow., swinging, going down the slide, playing hard to get, pushing her babydolls in her stroller, feeding herself yogurt, playing her xylophone, pointing, making silly noises, drinking out of the faucet, drinking out of a glass (with and without a straw), sushi, and more things i'm forgetting.

her top teeth have FINALLY arrived...
she's walking and NEARLY running everywhere
...which i STILL say is WAY EASIER than having a crawler.

there are days she wakes up and i think she looks just like lee...
and there are days where it appears i have cloned myself
...just perfect. a good mixture.

doctor stats?
31" tall (75%)
22.25 lbs. (50%)
47cm head circ. (90%)
tall and skinny with a big brain. ha.

enough of all the mumbo-jumbo, you want PICTURES!
these are from the tub tonite... enjoy!

 ...i could LITERALLY eat her hair. i love it that much.

 ...and last but not least, she had her first set of PIGTAILS THIS WEEK!! yay!!


Ashlynn said...

Oh my gosh the pigtails are adorable!!

KieKie! said...

she lights up my laptop.