Friday, May 20, 2011

brain dump

get ready... an update... one long run on sentence. well, maybe two or three.

lee and i have been a little under the weather this week... lee's was stomach related and mine was sinus pressure/ear ache/rough throat stuff... went to san antonio texas for a business trip (despite being sick) and thanks to the adjustment of cabin pressure, a layover, and a 2nd super short flight (HELLOOOOO CABIN PRESSURE) from dallas to san antonio i have a ruptured ear drum....i literally felt like i birthed a child as the landing gear came out. yes, i was even doing breathing exercises. i'm preeeetty sure the lady next to me thought i needed....well, SOMETHING.

slept terribly while i was in texas... missed lee, eden, and nershi terribly... congestion and achy ears prohibited good sleep... coming home i was "that lady" on the plane--i coughed the ENTIRE way home... super.

fortunately, nana offered to keep eden thursday night so i could get some rest after going to the urgent care for some drugs. but i didn't rest... back to work today for a day of catch up... but while i was at target yesterday afternoon i picked up a bottle of what has become my most favorite nail a life-long nail biter because of self-diagnosed "perfection ocd" i'm trying to find way to keep my nails done and not WANT to bite/pick at i've been painting these awesome press-on nails i get from target... its a french manicure... and its totally legit--i did these $5 suckers for my wedding--and several friends' wedding... i fix my nails, cut them as short as possible with the nail clipper then paint right over top of them!!

and i have been doing some champagne-y colors... and even several hues of pink... recently i've bought this cool cameleon blue/green color... i love the look of the dark fashionable nail polish on other girls, but was pretty positive i could never pull that look off... until i saw this eggplant-y color...

its called "save the date" a prune...get it? i'm in love. seriously... i have ZERO desire to mess with my nails... although the dark color more easily shows flaws of my not-so-professional paint job... i don't care...i love the color and the contrast with my pasty white skin. i would love to stop biting my nails before eden realizes what i'm doing :) 

and as long as i can keep my stress level manageable, i'm pretty sure a $5 manicure once a week is totally do-able :) for the "splurge" of buying a new color every time i walk past the cosmetics aisle... well, its either that or a candy bar... and i figure one day really soon eden will be begging for these crazy colors on her nails as we play pretend nail salon.

the swing set will be built on may 26 and i can hardly wait!!! eden is walking all over the place...i'd say walking to crawling ratio is now 40-60.... and her two little bottom teeth that she's had since thanksgiving will finally have some up-top companions...her top two teeth are HERE! at last!! orajel and elmo are her bff's...

i swear i will upload some pics soon... i have plenty of eden--walking, smiling, playing with her food... some from my trip to texas... and some great pictures i took when my cousin, caleb had his prom last week...i took the pictures so his mom/dad could enjoy the moment...

...oh, since i'm really jumping around here... the urgent care actually mis-diagnosed my ruptured eardrum... after a previous mis-diagnosis from that office, i really just went there to get the meds that i knew i needed--mission accomplished. but i called the ent first thing this morning and after hearing my soft, zombie-like whisper on the phone they were able to work me in... thankfully, my ear drum is bruised... and thanks to my 4 sets of tubes, my ear drum is virtually all scar tissue--making some things hard to hear........ and my ear drum like a piece of leather <--the only reason it DIDN'T rupture according to the specialist. ha. i have lots of fluid back there making things sound muffled... i have no voice and so much sinus pressure my head is cracking. literally.

i love how affectionate my sweet nershi is when someone in our family isn't feeling well--he knows... and he's extra snuggly... love him. and lee!! lee has taken such good care of me since i've been home... not to mention taking care of eden while i was away... and eden's kiekie and nana... wow, what would we do without them!?!

ok... i'm tired of typing... i'm tired in general... and my little alarm is going off that i can take more meds... sudafed... rx cough meds... motrin... zzzzzzzz

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Courtney said...

You need to venture into OPI polish. You'd love Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ and Lincoln Park after Dark! I hope you feel better soon!