Monday, May 23, 2011

summer is just around the corner

...well, if its not ALREADY HERE...

i'm SO looking forward to this summer... well, that in itself is an accomplishment for me :) (i ALREADY have 5 mosquito bites.)

eden's swingset arrives (is built) this week...  then the POOL opens this weekend... and next weekend? ELMO AT SESAME STREET LIVE! i can't wait to see her face when elmo comes on stage!!

summer is a little different this year than previous years... i can tell that i'm getting older... because i have finally found some shorts that i like to wear... and i don't care who sees my pasty white legs... its really freeing!! i have a husband, daughter, friends and family that love me no matter what... and heck, i'm still gonna look like i'm 25 when i'm 50... and all my tanning bed lovin' friends will look like they're 70!

summer just seems so much more fun and exciting with a toddler... there's fun for HER and that means lots of fun for me and lee!!

we've already enjoyed our pool here at home... popsicles... playing with the neighbors... ice cream... swinging... so exciting! she is just at the most fun age and her personality is amazing... i'm seriously in love with this kid--and the fact that she's mine compounds that love by a million!

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