Saturday, May 14, 2011


not too long ago i bought eden her very first box of crayons.
she mostly likes to eat them. for now...
i've always enjoyed coloring, arts/crafts, and...
well... school supplies in general :-D

i REALLY look forward to the days when i can do little craft projects with eden.
i can't wait to plaster them all over the fridge... 
frame my favorites... 
and line the walls of our home and keepsake boxes with her precious pieces of art.

today she produced her very first work of art!!
wanna see?


that's green sharpie marker on her daddy's laptop.
this one is going to be hard to keep (well, LONG TERM)

in about 25 seconds, she went from propping up against the sofa to the TOP of the end table, with the cap off the marker, scribbling on his computer.

was i upset? no. of course not. i don't think i'll be that kind of mom.
(no, i don't ENCOURAGE that type of activity either!!)

the best part of it all??
i asked lee if he wanted me to try to get it off
his answer:
"no, i like it on there--she made it just for me"

what a great daddy!!
maybe we should start incorporating our creative outlets a little sooner than i'd originally thought...


Courtney said...

Love. When Harper started to toddle around with crayons, she colored our kitchen island and walls and I never stopped her once. ...The island is still colored, but I went ahead and hit the walls with a Magic Eraser before we had overnight company. . . but it was there for a few months and I barely got up the gumption to wash it off!

Britt said...

Aw Hannah! What a cute blog and sweet story! =)