Sunday, April 10, 2011

too much fun

we made it to church today! WAHOOO!!
after the storms last night, eden woke up a time or two... and ended up sleeping "a little late" this morning

8:30!!! oh my word... 
there was TONS of babies at church this morning... 
eden was worn out when we picked her up
we were headed to rocky mount to celebrate lee's mom & dad's 40th wedding anniversary
which worked out well--she could nap on the way

i buckled her in, gave her an animal cookie & her juice cup and we hit the road!

i wasn't expecting her to fall asleep so quickly
yes, she's asleep with her arm in the air, 1/2 way to her mouth
while the cookie is in her mouth.

silly girl.


Ashlynn said...

Oh my gosh that is so cute!

Edwin and Jess said...

I'm glad Peyton and Eden got to hang yesterday! Peyton loves it when there are other girls around since she's always around little boys :)