Saturday, April 9, 2011

bye bye, baby food

in the stresses of unsuccessfully attempting to ween eden off of her bottle,
i've been pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to transition her out of baby food easy, in fact, that i didn't even realize i'd done it!
it was one of those "transitions" i wasn't focusing too much on at the moment
because she's a great eater (she really LOVED her baby food!)... 
and well,
according to the doctor, she shouldn't be entirely on "chewable food" 
until she has SOME teeth on the top.

poor girl STILL only has her two bottom teeth!!!
but she's become a master of fruit cups, pasta, steamed veggies, macaroni & cheese, 
bojangles biscuits, french fries, mashed potatoes, pizza, rice, peanut butter (and honey) sandwiches,
applesauce, animal crackers, pancakes, yogurt, and even the occasional chicken nugget or two!!
and good gracious--the cheese quesadilla!

now, she always gets a few bites of whatever i'm having (whether its listed above or not)
and if she gets a "better offer" than what she has in her mouth,
she takes it OUT of her mouth and replaces it with her "better offer"

she's also gotten really good at sharing her food
whether its what she just pulled out of her mouth, or something she didn't want to begin with...
she loves to share with us and she REALLY loves to share with

you guessed it...
he's always very gentle
and sometimes unsure if its ok to eat it because
"she's sharing"
or if he's about to get in trouble because he just took food out of her hand...
sweet boy!!
just look at those ears laid back :)

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Paige said...

Claire only has her two bottom teeth and she only eats chewable food. She refuses to eat any baby food at all! If it works, go with it!