Monday, April 11, 2011

bit by bit

lee and i moved in our house almost 4 years ago, 
since then, i've been looking for the perfect way to decorate this big wall in our kitchen...

didn't really have room for a hutch or piece of furniture
we also thought about doing a "photo wall" of various family pictures
[since the photo wall thing can be a pretty fluid shape, we opted to do that on the "triangle wall" (the wall that is the staircase) in our living room]
and i wasn't willing to settle until i found exactly what i wanted.

i had a huge clock over the fireplace in the living room (that we both LOVED) 
that had been taken down after we had the tv mounted there...
i decided to hang it on that wall
and wouldn't you know it, i found two pictures that were EXACTLY what i'd been looking for
something sorta funky with blues and browns to tie the living room color scheme into the kitchen color scheme

what do you think?
(i used two camera settings--the color of the walls looks different)

so, after 4 years, i've finally "finished" this wall! :)


Graceandjoelroberts said...

Love love love the clock! Its perfect there! so which color is correct? The brighter blue or the grayer blue?

lee and hannah said...

its kind of in between--depending on if its natural light or "bulb" light... its on the brighter side though... but its not as electric blue as it looks in the picture... if i remember correctly, the color is sherwin williams' ebb tide (??)