Monday, April 25, 2011


wow... i've got some serious blogging to catch up on... 
i suppose i could skip the wordy part and just give you what you really want...

the pictures...

marshmallow peeps are great!!! thanks, grandaddy barry!!!

the easter bunny left lots of fun stuff!!
a columbia rain jacket, leap frog fridge phonics, a bath toy bucket (her "easter basket") 
and some of those cool suction things shaped like fish for the bottom of the tub!!

the easter bunny also took all of her bottles with him ;) 

we went to granny pat's for lunch yesterday... 
she made chicken tetrazini, corn pudding, macaroni & cheese... 
all stuff that eden THOROUGHLY enjoyed!!
not to mention her easter balloon and a few other goodies!

such a big girl now and growing so fast!!

we weren't as busy at work today so, i went and picked up my water lovin' girl 
 i can't wait to get her in there and watch her splash around! to come!!

while i was blowing it up in the front yard, eden decided to stand up in the middle of the grass and WALK to her new swimming pool!! i couldn't believe it!!!! she's shown some signs that its coming soon, but she seriously stood up in the middle of the yard--didn't hang on or let go of ANYTHING!!


Graceandjoelroberts said...

Yeah! Go Eden! She's such a big girl! Love the pictures, glad you're back, we missed you!

Edwin and Jess said...

Peyton loves her fridge phonics, but you'll catch yourself saying "B, B says Buh, B says Buh, every letter makes a sound, B says Buh!".