Friday, May 6, 2011

mini update and a memorable moment

uh oh... yet again... i've slacked. i never did a birthday post for lee... and i've missed posting a lot of pictures and i'm still hoping to post pictures of eden in her pool(s). honestly, i'm realizing as we're approaching summer, the computer is on less and so is the tv... we're enjoying being outside and i've taken a liking to working in our yard. and goodness gracious, there's a 14 month old around here who is an absolute blast... and i don't want to miss one. single. second. with her. and when she gets to bed... i'm pretty darn exausted too.

life is crazy... life is great.

eden is growing so fast you can watch her. talking up a storm, walking relatively independently--just missing a little bit of confidence ;) and LORD HAVE MERCY... she has fallen in love...

with ELMO! she hugs it, squeals when she sees it, and likes to ride with it in her lap.

tonite, as i tucked eden in bed, she did her usual jibbering but then i noticed that she was calling nershi "nerrrrr" and barking... yes, she was trying to get nershi to come upstairs. those two are quite a pair.

and last but certainly not least, my mind has been boggled by the world of swingsets. perhaps this topic will get its very own post later.... but, no promises.


Nadine Skinner said...

u know elmo's comning to raleigh in June - how do I know - cuz we're going too!

Janet said...

Thomas the Tank Engine has long been a favorite of Asher. Thomas and Friends, the Musical, is coming to Springfield this spring and I SO wish I could take him to see it. I don't dare even tell him because he wouldn't understand why I couldn't take him. ~sigh~

wilderfamily said...

If you find any good prices and suggestions on swingsets let me know. I have been looking and researching that one myself. Karleigh absolutely loves to swing and slide. she is out growing the little ones we currently have.