Monday, April 18, 2011

when it rains, it pours

lots going on at our house these days...

eden's "asthma"* has been well under control... until she got a little virus... i'm quickly learning that a "little bug" or "little virus" can be a big deal for a kid with "asthma"*

*i still used quotes because she's not been OFFICIALLY diagnosed with that--she's too young...

this bug/virus/creepy crud thing she got inhibited the effectiveness of her asthma controller meds... what does that mean? recipe for disaster.

she'd been coughing and spiked a fever... so, we headed to the doctor (peds, not the specialist) to find out she's on the brink of a 2x ear infection. her pulse-ox levels were pretty stable even though her pulse had shot up and the doctor could hear wheezing... HOWEVER, the doctors applauded us catching it early so we could be a little ahead of it this time--so, in addition to the 2 meds a day that she was on for her "asthma" we added to the list:

zyrtec (allergies)
motrin (ear pain)
z-pack (antibiotic for ear infections)
albuterol nebulizer treatments (coughing)
prednisolone (steriods--asthma "booster")

...yes, that's SEVEN total. but today, she finished up her steroids and antibiotic. she seems to be on the right track, and i'm beginning to change my mind about albuterol nebulizers.

you see, up until now, they've NEVER WORKED. ever. but i'm understanding why--because her "asthma" wasn't under control and the albuterol couldn't do the ALL work of the other meds... it seems to work really well when her controller meds (flowvent, singulair) are doing their jobs--albuterol just picks up the slack.

oh, did i mention that we have a nebulizer that works now, too? its so much nicer when a "5-7 minute treatment" doesn't take 25 minutes :) (the nebulizer we had wasn't effectively turning the liquid meds into a fog--so the liquid meds stayed in the little storage well while eden got wigglier and wigglier) ...holding a toddler still for 25 minutes is like wrestling a blue marlin. now, a "5-7 minute treatment" takes 5-7 minutes... imagine that!

...the timing of the whole thing i've just told you about? while i was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital during my dad's surgery last thursday. great.

i left the hospital, met mom at the doctor with eden (1/2 way expecting her to be sent to the er again--wouldn't that be convenient to have everyone at the same place!?), filled e's prescriptions, went back to the hospital just in time to get the memo that dad had just been moved to his room--he was out of recovery. whew! and it worked out great that lee could take off work friday so eden wouldn't infect everyone at kristin's house. and by saturday she was doing much better (yay for detecting it early!!!!!)


dad's home now... resting and recooperating. and now i've decided to enjoy some allergies and pollen pollution. yuck. but i'm surviving. i've managed to do a spring spruce-up to my wardrobe and purge some old stuff that i never wear. bleck. so wasteful.

i absolutely couldn't have done ANY of this during this past week without the help of lee, my mom, granny pat, aunt lisa, or anyone else i'm forgetting at the moment. wow. meals, checking on dad, caring for eden, work... i simply cannot do it all and am thankful for those willing to step in and help where they can! whew!

that's about all the update that i even feel like giving right now. i'm tired. we've been sleeping with the tv off (something i've not done since i was in late middle school--maybe early high school) and its been GREAT!! i wake up feeling so much more rested in the mornings--no matter what time... lee has even said the same thing! we should've done this years ago!!! what an awful habit--sleeping with the tv on. anyway. goodnight.

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