Thursday, April 7, 2011


in years past, when planting flowers & sprucing up the yard, 
i've tried to go for themes like
"pretty" or "i saw this in a magazine"

this year my theme is "what have i done in the past that worked"
and "what is nearly impossible to kill"

i have a desire to have a green thumb, but just lack...well,
but i also have a thing for vines...
blah blah blah about some of them "overtaking your house" or whatever
listen up, NOTHING thrives like that at my house.
so, i've got nothing to worry about, right?

i've wanted ivy for years (since we bought the house)... i love ivy...
the leaves, the color, the way it spills and climbs...
heck, i even thought about naming eden "ivy"
(eh, you never know, that name may get recycled one day)
but somehow i'm always talked out of it

not this year!!
i've got ivy and a few other climbing plants

lemme give you a tour!

here's my first pot of ivy
its on the end of the porch that we don't hang out on that much
(because the swing isn't there.)
this area gets more sun than the other side, but its still shady in the late late afternoon

now to the end of the porch that we're always at...
with the SWING!

here's a pot of confederate jasmine
[sniff sniff...and enjoy the HEAVENLY scent]

here's the yellow carolina jasmine 
and if you peek behind it and to the left you'll see my cute new birdhouse
i put it there for eden (and nershi) to enjoy

coming down the steps you have my 3 pots of geraniums.
these are new for me, but i've heard they're pretty hearty.

and my lamp post.
here i've planted my clematis plant
(one similar to the one i've round-upped)
hoping this likes this post and climbs right on up to the top
...wouldn't that be so charming?!

and here are my latest two victims.
i REALLY hope these guys work out...

blooming cherry trees!
now, these pictures are meant to be more than just a picture of the tree
...i was trying to give you some perspective
eh, and maybe you can even imagine them getting bigger
 and blooming so beautifully where they're at!
(above) new tree on the far right
this is our side yard...well, its really our "back yard" but its not fenced in,
so we've always called it the side yard.
i didn't want it smack in the middle of the side yard--
so, hopefully we'll have some room to play

(below) this is the view off of the back of my deck.
again, trying to plan a little farther out here...
thinking we may get a swing set one day and
 trying to plant the tree somewhere we'll have room for that, too! original plan was to have crepe myrtles--but,
we already have 3 of those... and i wanted something that 
would look a little different and bloom a different bloom

the tag on these babies says "full sun"
...well, if that's true, they ought to be REALLY happy where we planted them!


House of Sykes said...

the confederate jasmine will bloom/grow twice a year - in the spring and in the fall. it will also turn red and shed some of it's leave - let it. it's not dead. mine likes a mixture of sun and shade. it can be watered once a week and be happy. it's beautiful and smells SO good! enjoy!

Analee said...

my dad is a farmer so having a green thumb should be in my blood, right? WRONG! haha.

i have a clematis - in the winter, it turns all brown and yucky and looks dead. whatever you do, don't cut it. it isn't dead. it will bloom and grow leaves right off that dead looking brown vine. i made that mistake.

my jasmine died. it looked great for 2 years and then completely died right from the root. not sure what happened there (it was planted in the ground). i hope to get a new one this year. (i think my husband accidentally sprayed it with weed killer - but he won't admit to that.)

i don't do well with potted plants outside. i forget to water them.

other really hearty plants are russian sage, cornflowers, lantana, and gerbera daisies - all planted in the ground. they take minimal water (they are drought tolerant - trust me, i never water anything, not even my cats. they'd die if it wasn't for the toilet) and like full sun. canna lillies would work in your yard too!