Tuesday, March 15, 2011

wheezy e in the er

yesterday was mom's first day keeping sweet eden since she's become the artist formally known as wheezy e.

she was alarmed at her HORRIBLE wheeze. and the more i thought about it, e wasn't progressing the way the doctors thought she would on saturday.

you see, by monday, she was supposed to be eazin' on her wheezin' and needing her nebulizer every 6-8 hours... buuuut we were still using it every 2 1/2 to 3 hours...

so, tally ho! back to the doctors... with a sleeping bag and getting a pizza delivered there for dinner. (ok, not really)... we did three treatments (and a dose of steriods) and her sweet little heart was still just-a-racin'... pulse in the 150-160 range... and her respiration rate was really high (60s?). they called the kid's er at wakemed and they were waiting for us! SUPPOSIVELY we would get a more intensive treatment there and obviously, constant monitoring.

side note: eden came home from the nicu on 3.13.10 and was in the er on 3.14.11... odd.

we walked in and the nurse was ready for eden before we could get signed in--triage for some stats then straight to a room! hallelujah! they took a chest xray and tested her for rsv... and had 3 MORE albuterol neb. treatments... whew! my girl was bouncin' off the walls--hello, steriods! (yes, 6 albuterol treatments if you're counting.)

she tested negative for pneumonia and negative for rsv... great, right! yes, but that meant that all the treatment we'd been doing at home was all the treatment that they were doing for her at the hospital... and that was all the treatment they COULD do for her... the virus will have to just run its course.

between her pulse and her resp. rate--one or the other was constantly out of balance... they kept watching her and noting that she was "on the fence--admit her, or send her home"

they ultimately left it up to me & lee... we opted to go home... they weren't doing anything that we couldn't do for her in the comfort of our own home--not even counting the fact that i didn't have to confine her to a hospital room or chain her up to the monitors. ugh.

she slept a little late this morning and woke up a new girl! she's hopefully on the right track. we've only had one little setback... during our saturday visit, the doctor told us to discontinue her antibiotic treatments since they were no good-e had a virus--not an infection. well, i should've slapped her and told her i knew what i was doing listened to my "mom gut"...because she now has an ear infection.

eh, that's neither here nor there--i can whoop up on an ear infection... but the wheezing has still got this mama stumped. i'm trying.

she mostly hates the mask, but we have some good, productive moments with it...

i'm hoping this is my last "wheezy e" update--i'm sure y'all are gettin' tired of hearin' readin' it... i know i'm getting tired of her being sick.

oh, and while e was at the pediatrician, i lapsed on my zicam/sudafed/advil/afrin regimen... aaaaaaand i'm sick. just a cold. i'll make it.

...well, folks! until next time...


Laura Robinson said...

Ohhh gracious Hannah, we know all about that wheezing around here too. It's scary to hear your little girl like that, huh?
I hope Eden is on the mend and feels better soon!

Grace Elizabeth finished up a steroid treatment last week from our trip to the ER and those steroids...oh. my. word. bouncing off the walls doesn't even begin to explain it!

Graceandjoelroberts said...

Oh my gosh!! Poor E! I can't believe all you've had to go through, I hope she (and you) are on the mend!!

Taylor Lamb said...

Aw poor thing. I hope she's on the mend and feels better!