Sunday, March 13, 2011

wheeezy e update

sick, but still smiling...

today went pretty well... she had a coughing spell about 2 hours after i put her to bed--so, i did another treatment and she stayed down until 4:30am... not too shabby. did another breathing treatment then lee got up with her around 6 (i think?)... she played, ate a great breakfast, drank several bottles and went down for a 3 hour nap around 9:30 (so did mama!)

she's still wheezing--but not all the time, and she's not coughing as much. she CERTAINLY isn't acting like its hard to breathe... so, i purposefully didn't take a shower (because i knew if i did, i'd want to go outside or run errands on this GORGEOUS day)... and we played around the house ALL DAY! her pace... whatever she wanted to do. we snuggled, watched cartoons, played with blocks, read every single book at least once... and had chocolate ice cream for lunch!

and WOW... she's had a gallon of milk today! seriously. the wet diapers have been heavier than my 21 pound baby. and i'm REALLY thankful.

today the "nebulizer schedule" suggested every 6 hours (if she could make it that long), but i still did every 4 hours... i'd rather do it more frequently during the day and it last her during the night... sounds like nursing, huh!? hopefully we can shoot for every 6 hours tomorrow... we'll see.

the nebulizer* itself is getting a little easier to do--if eden is tired, she will all but fall asleep while its running... white noise with meds that help her breathe? who wouldn't fall asleep! however, she will generally still fight it if she's not sleepy... then forget what she's fighting against... chill... then fight all over again. ugh.

*the nebulizer...some of you asked what that is... its a box (bigger than a digital camera) that pumps air through a tube and a special valve... the special valve is in a compartment that you pour the medicine in--the valve turns the meds into a fog... its pumped in a mask that we hold over her face while we put eden in a headlock calmly distract her while keeping her hands down so she won't pull the mask off.

i've managed to aquire a whopping headache since i began typing this post... so, that's all the update that i have.

home alone tonite... i'm thankful for lee's job... but his company has managed to squander one of his only nights that he normally gets to be home to ask him (and others) to rearrange the store... after they close. according to him, he may not be home until after midnight. perfect. i'm not going to continue talking about this because it simply makes my headache worse. goodnight.

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