Thursday, March 17, 2011


e's hair is filling in at an insane rate...
from one week to the next, its crazy how much hair she's getting!!
and she's got these gorgeous little curls in the back...
and to say "i'm obsessed" would be an understatement
[this next picture is hard to may need to click to enlarge]
so cute!! its probably big enough to do a little sprig at the top, but i like it how it lays so naturally! its so feminine and dainty...

what am i going to do with curls?!?! i've spent my entire life with hair that found a faster way from "a" to "b"...straighter than straight.*

*although, my hair has aquired some curl since childbirth...maybe one day, i'm going to let it air dry naturally and see what it REALLY looks like! ...and i MIGHT blog about it--you know, depending on the results.

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