Saturday, March 12, 2011

hit the high spots

i don't have much time to post (gotta hit the sack and cling to the hour i'm about to lose. ugh)... so, i'm just gonna give you a nutshell version of portions of my week. mostly eden related content.

eden went for her well-baby check (alas!) on wednesday... it will have its own post sometime soon.

we started working on weaning off of the bottle (she did super with the transition to whole milk). my dear daughter has always taken her bottle as comfort (no, i didn't break the rule of not putting it in the crib--this was an idea she developed entirely on her own).

result of commencing the weaning process? tantrums. super.

after waking up this morning sounding like a crinkling paper bag breathing in and out with terrible coughing spells and acting like it was hard to breathe--we went to the doctor. eden was diagnosed with bronchiolitis --if you read the causes/risk factors, she was destined to get it at some point. results from flu in babies that were born prematurely. bullseye. it was a long appointment that i'm thankful didn't result in a hospital trip. she's now the proud owner of a nebulizer. and the doctors have FINALLY taken her persistent cough more seriously. her appointment was at 9:30 and we (nana came too!) were quickly escorted to a room... we finally left around 1... i think i got my co-pay's worth today. whew.

...but bless her little heart--she was still smiling and blowing the nurses/doctors kisses... of course, that was after she was stubborn as a mule and summonsed another nurse to "hold her down" while she nebulized... is that a word? hmph. it is now. i still can't for the life of me figured out where she got all these stubborn genes from? any ideas?

we stopped trying to bottle wean today... the poor girl needed something to cling to. and she had more bottles than ever--but, by gosh golly--SHE'S HYDRATED! but hallelujah, we're done with formula. what does that feel like? well, like i just gave myself a raise.

that's really all i'm interesting in updating the entire world about... i'll give the full 12 month eden run down sometime realllly soon--maybe tomorrow...

ahhh, just think... last year this time, we spent a sleepless night in the pediatric ward of the hospital for our "room-in" before we brought eden home and "sprang forward" our clocks. note to self: never bring home a newborn baby and move your clock forward an hour simultaneously. unless you're a glutton for punishment.


Lorrie Hetzell said...

Don't stress about the bottle!! Carson held on to hers until she was 2!! ok... 2 1/2... Maybe it's because she was my baby... but she loved it too too much!!!
Hope Eden feels better soon!!

Janet said...

What's a nebulizer? Do you have to hold something on her face? yikes.