Saturday, March 13, 2010


well, after a decent "room in" at the hospital (eden was great-- buuuut sleeping in a hospital bed again was not.) we were finally discharged today around 1ish... and boy, all three of us were glaaaaad to get outta there and go HOME!

here's the cute little preemie outfit my dad got her...
and here she is--all 4lbs of her in her car seat ready to go!
and here she is bundled up with the cute carseat blanket that my mom kiekie made her
ready to go!!

mama and eden

daddy and eden

soon after we walked in, lee went to get nershi from my dad's house... and then it was time for the big introduction...

i swear these pictures make me cry... nershi has been so sweet and careful around her... smelling but not getting toooooooo close... every time she whimpers or cries he rushes over to check on her... love it.

here he is keeping watch over a sleeping sister.

daddy went to work tonite... and he's called to check on "his girls" a time or two... we're doing great, but we're ready for daddy to get home again!

we're working on staying on our schedule which is proving to be just a tad tricky, since all eden wants to do is sleep. i'm learning tricks to wake her up and/or keep her awake--i'm trying everything short of cold water.

but with all the ups and downs... we are BEYOND EXCITED to all be at home... the way God intended it.


Megan said... that last picture is precious! you should totally frame that. i'm glad he's doing so well with her. so cute!

the bennetts said...

love it. she is adorable.

PS- don't knock cold water, the Bennetts used ICE :) ha! stick with the schedule, it will pay off in the long run (and soon!)

RollTideGirl said...

Thanks for making all of us 2-legged & 4-legged family members special participants in the big homecoming. You are the best & we ALL love you! Wishing you only happy days and peaceful nights!

The Crocker's said...

I remember trying all the tricks too! Undressing and being a little chilly seemed to work well. Good luck with everything!!!!

She is just precious!

ps. if you want some newborn pics taken (ON ME) you just let me know :)