Thursday, January 27, 2011

the up-and-up

today is lee's first day back at work and my first day at home since...well, i can't remember.

i'm completing "operation: sanitizing for my sanity" today... many clorox wipes have been sacrificed... and the laundry detergent has been poured out (in the washer, of course). i'm pretty sure my water bill this month may hit triple digits. i've dusted, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned bathrooms... and i even chased lee on his way out this morning to wipe down the inside of his car. yeah, i know it sounds crazy, but he drove that thing to and from the doctor... so, it could very well be infected. i'm borderline "crazylady" about wiping down, sanitizing, and lysol spraying.

...BUT IT WAS WORTH IT... as of now, eden and i are both STILL healthy! i had a bit of a scare last night when i woke up at 3am with a sore throat and i couldn't breath out of one nostril... in my sleepy fog, i dragged my you-know-what to the kitchen and took a.n.o.t.h.e.r. zicam, 3 advil and 2 sudafed... woke up this morning feeling fine and haven't taken any more meds. whew!

lee and i are getting ready and getting really excited about our trip coming up!! we're not looking forward to leaving nershi and eden, but they'll be in the best of care while we're gone.

i've gotten LOTS done around the house today--getting our tax stuff together... yuck!... and i'm mostly done but still planning bits and pieces of eden's FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY... wow, can you believe it!? when she wakes up from her nap, we're headed to pick up a few more odds and ends and i'm going to start hammering out some of the important FOOD, and how big do i REALLY want this party to be? ...she's quite the socialite and has lots of friends in different "circles"...we'll see.

speaking of first birthdays... any of you mama's have advice on starting the whole milk thing? i've heard such methods like "whole milk in the sippy cup and formula in the bottle during the 11th month" and "mix in the whole milk with the formula and gradually add more"

...i'm planning on starting that after we get back from the cruise... any and all advice would be appreciated. comment here or email me at ...thanks in advance!

ahhh... i just love having productive days at home with my sidekick... so, i'm off to enjoy the rest of it! happy thursday :)


ashley said...

I'm glad everyone is back to normal! How stressful is it when someone in the house is sick?!?! As for the whole milk thing goes... Around the 11th month I did mix formula and whole milk. I started with more formula than milk, then slowly decreased the formula and added milk, so they wouldn't really realize the difference in taste. Camden HATED milk (I had to mix it with chocolate milk for him to even be able to drink it), but Anderson LOVED it. I wonder what miss Eden will think? :) It takes them a while to get used to the sippy cup, but she'll be a pro in no time! And you can start celebrating because milk is MUCH cheaper than formula, amen?! :)

The Mom said...

I would suggest slowly phasing in the milk. I mixed it with pumped breast milk for a few weeks, and Cooper had no trouble. He loves milk now! As far as the sippy cup goes, we just had to go cold turkey with the bottles and be done with them. It's all good now! I can't wait to see pics from Eden's party! :) Good luck!