Sunday, January 30, 2011

change of heart

with our upcoming trip, sans le babe, i've had lots of mixed emotions... excited to go, but ultimately feeling some tugging of the heartstrings...

after a week of sickness in the house, and eden seems to be blossoming more and more everyday... getting very "toddlerish" i might add... i don't want to miss a single minute with her... or nershi. i know that the time away will be good for ALL of us, but i just seem to be enjoying my time with her more than ever... she's so fun, and learning to be so expressive and talkative... everyday is something new... and everyday she LEARNS something new. i don't have a single doubt in my mind that the princess and the pooch will be extremely well taken care of spoiled to the max... but still... they're my babies.

i've even caught myself procrastinating some things... like what to do in miami (before we board the ship)... i keep thinking of things i need to do at home as opposed to getting ready to leave... [sigh.]


tonite seems to be a turning point... we've started to make some more definite plans for miami... we've gotten a "virtual tour" of our room on the ship, and i've re-read the descriptions of the excursions we're going on at our different stops... i'm getting more excited about the trip and more comfortable that everything will be fine at home... i think perhaps what i'm MOST looking forward to is the change of pace [read: sleeping in] and the chance to get away for a bit. it will make coming home even sweeter.

i'm also wondering if some of my "hesitations" that seemed to be creeping in last week had to do with lee being sick and the feeling that the rest of us were at risk... i really don't want to leave my baby if she's sick... even though i know she'd be wonderfully cared for, it wouldn't be by her mama. not to mention that I didn't want to be sick on my trip, either!

...any hoo... things are looking up... and i'm getting more excited by the minute... lee has 3 more "work days" and i have 4.... so we're COUNTIN' DOWN!!

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