Tuesday, January 4, 2011

life as of lately

as i mentioned in the last post, eden has been teething... which i'm learning makes congestion and that congestion gives her an ear infection.

...the antibiotics make her tummy upset (and so does the teething...) annnnd that's a whole 'nother can of worms, now isn't it?!

thank you, teeth. you're ruining my life & my perfect child.

so, i'm feeling a bit like i'm trapped in a vicious cycle. she was cranky this afternoon (according to kiekie!), but we managed to have a decent night... playing, bathtime, medicine re-load, and bed.

i know i've not posted much excitement on the blog lately... honestly, there hasn't been much to blog about... or much time to do it.

i was planning on taking a day this week to get my christmas decorations down, get my newly purchased decorations organized for the attic along with a heap of baby stuff begging to be sorted piled up against the attic door... but a dear family friend (who also happens to be a co-worker) lost her husband (very) unexpectedly... i'll be working... and honestly, it makes me feel good to do something for her that keeps her mind from worrying about anything but being with her family. i always love my job, but these next few days i will do it in particular to honor her. she is more than family to me & my family.

i'm feeling a bit scatterbrained... a typical mood for this time of year... holidays are over, clutter is around (regular decoration PLUS christmas decoration), eden's new toys seem to be ev.ery.where., and i have things that need to be organized, i have a few trips coming up--so my brain is trying to plan for those

...this is where my "type a" kicks into high gear... i try to ignore it and better organize my TIME first... to make time for everything i just word-vomited to you, but i just have to take a chill-pill and do it piece by piece... which, if you know me, you know that i'd prefer to get the "cleanin' fever" and DOITALLATONETIME. oh, did i mention that eden's sick. blah.

so, what's the point of all this rambling?! well, just bear with me folks... the updates you know and love and ....ahem... and have come to expect! will be back before you know it.

but wait! there's more... i have some more rambling. i got a new cookbook...campbell's best! (thanks, steph!!) and have enjoyed making some of the new recipes that really caught my eye--but alas, i've temporarily lost the desire to cook... for the time being... its wishy washy. i'm starting to realize cooking is something i MOST enjoy with a well-stocked and organized pantry. to achieve this--it requires time to go grocery shopping and time to put your groceries away. seems simple, right? well, unless of course you get off work at 5:30 and your daughter goes to sleep at 6:30 (after dinner and a bath)... and your husband gets home at 10pm.

...oh, that reminds me! emily, my super excellent cousin, picked up chinese food that i had called in and brought it to me ...because i have bare bones in the pantry* and couldn't leave to go get anything!! she's the best.

*of course, i have a freezer full of lovely casseroles that are FROZEN. even eating a pre-homemade dinner requires a tiny bit of forethought.

wow... you're still reading this? i'll reward you with a picture.

ok. bye!

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Edwin and Jessica said...

If you need anything while Miss Eden's sick, don't hesitate to ask! We're like 2 mins away and it's just me and P in the evenings this week. Hope she's feeling better soon!