Saturday, January 1, 2011

ten months

hard to believe my sweet girl is TEN MONTHS! ...gosh, only 2 months until a FIRST BIRTHDAY* :'(

*yes, i've already planned most of her party. i'm just that kinda girl.

she is such a happy baby! all the time...

she's standing and walking behind her walk-behind toys (imagine that!)... she's pulling up everywhere... and crusing around the sofas and tables...

she loves books that make noise and playing in the bathroom. she has really enjoyed playing with her new blocks, keyboard, and the "little people" stuff--she doesn't entirely grasp the concept of the "little people" but she does love clapping the animals together.

most of her "baby stuff" has been put away--we DO still have the exersaucer out, since that's one of the few ways she's happily CONTAINED for a few minutes these days!

she's wearing 12month clothes nearly exclusively now. especially onesies (this girl has a LONG torso). she does still eat baby food but we incorporate what we're eating at every meal, now. we were advised by the doctor at her 9 month check up to be careful until she gets her top teeth... but eden always stares at what we're eating and its fun for her to play and learn to feed herself (those fine motor skills are coming along nicely!). the sippy cup search was a success... she's using one that i would consider to be a bit more advanced--a straw style cup with a valve, but its the only one she likes to use. and she doesn't have to tilt it all the way back (she can do it with her bottle, but wasn't crazy about doing it with a sippy cup)
i do ONLY give her juice/water in the cup... she's not been crazy about taking her formula from a sippy cup. it doesn't look like it, but it IS spill proof and the straw has a flap in it to keep it from leaking...

hmm... what else? OH! she is talking a bit... mama, dada, baba, book, and uh-oh! and several other words that she invented.

she's 20lbs 4oz... and how do i know that? because we just got back from the doctor... with her 3rd ear infection and 2nd broncheal infection. she's still smilin' though!! thankfully, neither is very far along, but since the doctors office closes at 12 noon, i decided to go ahead and take her to save ourselves a possible trip to the ER... the nights have been really good, but i have a feeling tonite those ugly infections would have shown their faces. hopefully, we've avoided that. i'm starting to see a vicious cycle... teething makes a stuffy nose... stuffy nose turns green--migrates to her chest and ears... turns to infection... and BOOM! teething means ear infections. great. and it doesn't help that its just that runny nose/cold time of year--lee has a cold/sore throat and me? well, i've been eating zicam. every 2 hours and 59 minutes.

so, i think that's about it in the way of eden's 10 month update. she's wonderful. :)

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Li'l Miss Muffet said...

I love that you both are enjoying parenthood so much. Curious about the keyboard. I really liked the videos of her playing it. Who makes it and where did you get it? One of those just might have to come to my house in case toddlers come to my house to play some day.