Wednesday, January 5, 2011

nershi and eden

i know i've told y'all before, but nershi and eden have a very special relationship. tonite, after dinner, nershi was making his usual rounds cleaning up behind eden and seeing if lee and i dropped something... when all of a sudden, eden got a SERIOUS case of the giggles...

what was she giggling at?
well, nershi was playing peek-a-boo with her...
they're both juuuust tall enough to see over top of the seats of our kitchen chairs (counter they're a bit taller than normal)
she. couldn't. stop. giggling... of those moments that i didn't want to end... so stinkin' sweet.
(i jumped for my video camera... battery was dead.)

...and since i've started typing this (2 minutes ago)... eden decided that while nershi was eating HIS dinner, she would sit beside him and play in his water bowl. lovely... now daddy's started her bath :)


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