Saturday, January 22, 2011

a classic

the cooking bug has bitten again and i've been really wanting to put my finger on the perfect vegetable soup recipe. i've made a batch or two recently, and they were in "edible", but not "knock your socks off" good.

friday i had a friend of mine's homemade veggie soup and i was SO. GOOD. i don't know what she put in it... but i had to at least TRY to replicate it.

i didn't make it EXACTLY like she did, but its pretty close. and its really good.
who really has a recipe for veggie soup anyway?
its a "use whatever you have in the pantry" sort of soup...

and i used my new stock pot from william-sonoma (thanks, dad!)...
filled it up and have got some in the freezer for us

after i filled up the containers (and ate dinner),
i still had about 1/3 of the pot left

i started by boiling some cabbage and onions...
i added:
black eyed peas
lima beans
green beans
diced tomatoes
browned ground beef
a little ketchup
salt & pepper

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Ashlynn said...

that sounds delicious! Now I'm hungry!