Thursday, January 20, 2011

wedded bliss

so of course i do an anniversary post of some sort
every single year i've had the blog...
and i'd be remiss if i didn't mention my favorite year of marriage to date.
we've been blessed in so many ways this year... one in particular ;)

but instead of showing you wedding pics,
which i've done in the past and don't have readily available electronically,
i thought i'd share some HONEYMOON pics! :)
well, not all of 'em.

look at these two YOUNGIN'S!

after a long day of skiing... i think here i realized that we were married and no longer felt the need to impress him.

and these next two pictures of lee i just LOVE... honestly, how young does he look beard-less?!?!

married him 4 years ago and i'd do it all again in a minute. i am so thankful for the man he was and the man he is and the man he is becoming...

hard to believe that a 4 year WEDDING anniversary means for us we have known each other for NINE years!? what?!?! crazy.

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