Monday, January 31, 2011

11 months

oh my word... we are finishing out our first year as mama, daddy, and eden... what an amazing year this has been!!

i've learned so much... done things i said i'd never do... done things i didn't know i was capable of... loved more than i thought i could love.

eden is more and more fun every single day... i can't imagine life without her and i can't imagine life before her. she has brought such happiness into an already happy home and has strengthened my love for her daddy in ways i didn't know were possible. i have learned so much about myself and am enjoying seeing the world for the first time again, through her eyes.

she is so much more beautiful than i could've ever imagined and her personality blossoms more everyday!

ok... enough of the sappy stuff...

she's more than 21 pounds... maybe close to 22 by now... no doctors appointment this month

she's still only eating 2 solid meals a day... sometimes 3... she's a pro at the sippy cup*... she loves juice, but juice doesn't cut it when she wants a bottle... she drinks 6-8 ounces in a bottle--about 6 times a day...

*thanks for all the advice on the milk... got lots of comments all over the place!! we're going to try putting the milk in the sippy cup and avoiding it in the bottle... essentially weaning her from the bottle and formula at the same time... and hey! if that doesn't work, we'll try something else!

she's such an easy going baby and is happy 99.9999% of the time... she still takes 2 naps a day and generally naps a total of 4 hours... she will occasionally do one long nap... she goes down for the night around 7-7:30 and wakes up around 6:30 or so...

she STILL only has 2 teeth... but has been showing classic teething signs for what seems like MONTHS now... i'm convinced they'll pop through while we're gone on our trip... hmph. probably not.

she LOVES playing with nershi (including chasing him around, squealing when he barks/whines, sharing his dinner, sharing her dinner, rubbing him), her keyboard, her dinosaur, and ALLLLLLLLLLLLL of her books. she's becoming very attached to her pink blanket... not in the sense that we must take it everywhere with us, but that she needs it to sleep--and i LOVE IT! when i lay her in bed at night she rubs her face in it and rolls up inside of it... i think i love it even more because my dear child never wanted a paci or her thumb... she's finally got something she likes hangin' on to!

...and +2 points for mama for purchasing 2 EXTRA blankets (the first one was a gift.) we have 3 in the rotation... all with equal wear and equal washes. yessssss. maybe it saved me at least 1 toddler tantrum down the road?

she's close to walking... she'll stand when she wants to... and crawls on all 4's (walking with her hands on the floor) when she gets to the hardwoods--she's not crazy about her knees on the hardwood floors. i still think it may be a while before she has enough motivation to walk...she's a FEROCIOUSLY fast crawler and walking at this point will only slow her down.

one of her "newest things" is SQUEALING with excitement and perhaps part of this is listening to herself "talk"... she's been squealing for a while--and its ridiculously cute... except when we're at target and she realizes there's an echo... oh, she thinks its hilarious... we'll see how this one unfolds. oh, and she loves to play hard to get when you reach out to grab her (well, she plays this with everyone but mama--not that she's clingy to me, but she always reaches up if i reach out to grab her). and she waves bye-bye and will sometimes say it anytime someone picks her up--because obviously that means she's going somewhere ;) ah--and she waves bye-bye when we walk up the stairs to go to bed--its funny to me how she really does grasp the concept of waving bye-bye and the appropriate time to do so... hmph.

she says mama, dada, do (dog), boo (book)--sometimes she'll say the "k", bye-bye... and she loves to stare at your lips and try to say what you say--which makes me think (more) words will be flying out of those lips in no time...

she's wearing 12-18 month clothes now... size 3 diapers... and i can't think of anything else right now... who's ready for a party!?! :)

.........and this post reminds me, i'm a wee bit behind on e's baby book... gotta fix that. oops.

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Graceandjoelroberts said...

Oh my gosh, how is she already 11 months!! What an AWESOME napper/sleeper you have! In cre di ble! She just must be a complete joy and one of these days, we'll have to get these girls together...perhaps when we come to visit her Auntie :-)