Sunday, December 12, 2010

increasingly difficult

...that would be how i would describe getting a good "sitting down" picture of eden
you know, like when she has on a really cute outfit...

i gotta go with the flow...
she's high speed and rarely looks the same direction more than 20 seconds.
smiling? yes,
but you can't tell when i snap a photo of the back of her head
because the shutter took more than .289 seconds to click.

eden had on one of her really cute "christmasy" outfits today...
and looked so adorable before we went to church today!
its a black and white polka dot onesie/top with a velour dress over top of that

this is all i got of the "whole outfit"
... its definitely much easier to get head shots & action shots these days.
you know those adorable socks that look like mary jane shoes?
well, eden has added some tights with those "shoes" to her ever expanding wardrobe.
ok, so i know this next one is a TERRIBLE pic of her,
but you must click to enlarge and see those pearly whites!!
they're very visible when she smiles now, but i just happened to catch her mid-blink.
sweet girl.
i could kiss this face all day!!
we had a great weekend... the weather has been pretty yucky and we missed a few christmas parties because eden's decided to go to bed between 6:30-7:30 again
...and lee was off... those weekends where we really get some good quality family time are few and far between... we cherish them when we get them! ESPECIALLY this time of year!

we were able to got to church as a family and then went to michael and kimberlee's tonite.

eden's now in bed (early.) and lee's counting down the minutes until the season finale of dexter.

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Graceandjoelroberts said...

Ahh she's so cute and must have the cutest Christmas wardrobe ever!!